Surly Front Nice Rack Cromoly

I just installed the Surly Nice Front Rack on my 2010 Trek 7500 hybrid… The instructions were good, and installation took about 2 hours, though I’m slow the first time through on stuff like this, reading, and re-reading the instructions… It’s really very simple if you have the fork eyelets at the bottom of the front fork and mid-fork like Trek builds in to many models… What really impressed me was the amount of hardware that Surly included with the rack… There’s so much left over I could probably install a second rack with the extras…. Nonetheless, this consideration on their part should save one a trip or two to the hardware store regardless of the bike’s design and fork… They’ve included such items as hose clamps (needed when you don’t have the eyelets I believe), and extras of every bolt size, and extra sliding clamps to fit different width of forks… BTW, this rack is the sturdiest I’ve come across, holding up to 70 lbs, though I’d never put that much weight there! A really nice option with this rack is that you have two levels to hang panniers from, and from what I’ve discovered with another not-so-well designed rack, you’ll probably want to use the lower tubing, but both options give you some freedom to play with it depending on the road/trail conditions. BTW, the lower down position provides better steering control and handling if you’ve not experienced this before… anywho, this is the Cadillac of racks from my research, and I see why now… Any other brand is just likely to make you wish you had spent the bucks on a Surly… Any how, if you’re going to be doing some bike touring the Surly rack goes well with a set of Ortlieb waterproof panniers… Ride On!

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