My Review of Brooks England B-17 Saddle – Men’s

Originally submitted at REI

The sporty Brooks B-17 saddle is an excellent choice for touring, century rides, ultra-marathon rides and other demanding types of cycling.

The best saddles on this planet…

By Zowie from Richardson, TX on 4/24/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Comfortable

Best Uses: Commuting, Long Rides

Describe Yourself: Avid Cyclist

Was this a gift?: No

OK, I have a wall of saddles, those that come on my Trek bikes, and many others that I’ve bought over the years looking for the ‘right’ saddle for my sore butt… a buddy I was riding with from D.C. to Pittsburgh last fall suggested Brooks as ‘the’ saddle to ride… When I got back home I bought my first… which after breaking in got appropriated by my spouse for her saddle on the tandem… so, I bought the B-17 Special and am nearly through a good break-in period, after 500 miles… Please note that I’ve used the Proofide leather treatment to help with the break-in… However, right out of the box the saddle is still better than anything else I’ve ever tried… I used to end up riding almost side saddle after 50-60 miles, and I’ve not had a single such experience since… Brooks saddles eventually conform to your sit bones and put the pressure right there where it should be, unlike many of the gel saddles that feel so good on the salesroom floor and end up hurting your soft tissue on a long ride… I know that these aren’t cheap, but I ride 5000 miles a year and expect to ride my Brooks for the rest of my life… Do yourself (and your butt) a favor and go with one of the best saddles out there…. Brooks!


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1 Response to My Review of Brooks England B-17 Saddle – Men’s

  1. dickdavid says:

    Great review! You’ve pushed me over the fence on getting my first Brooks.

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